Richard E. Gilbert, the founder of Ashland, utilized his wealth of 40 years experience in Horology to publish catalogs of fine vintage watches and antique jewelry mailed to a select clientele around the world.

Mr. Gilbert was also the co-author of the most referenced book on antique watches, also referred to as "The Bible" within the industry, The Complete Price Guide to Watches. This price guide was been a mainstay in this industry for 25+ years. Mr. Gilbert also authored another book, with the help of Jim Wolf, titled The Complete Price Guide to Antique Jewelry. Richard M Gilbert, as a second-generation horologist, inherited the responsibility of co-authoring The Complete Price Guide to Watches.

Ashland has bought and sold a number of important watches and objects of virtue: everything from tourbillions by Houriet, perpetual repeaters by Patek Philippe, to repeaters by Breguet. Ashland has been represented in auctions all over the world and continually buys the finest investment pieces for their private customers.

Richard M Gilbert now continues to offer rare timepieces through this website,, with the same commitment to authenticity and integrity. not only will continue the exceptional trade record set by Ashland but, with the future of antique timepieces, should set new records annually.

Please feel free to contact us be email or call us at 1-800-424-5353. Our office hours are Monday - Thursday, 9 - 5 EST.